Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chapter 4

When we get to the tower, me and the avengers, who now apparently include Loki who was controlled by the Chitauri for the whole invasion thing, I run up to my bedroom and lock the door, muting JARVIS and taking out my K.I.T. I’m just in that mood, I made it seven years ago. I go in the bathroom after grabbing some clothes and three hours later I walk back into my room looking different and ready for bed.
The next morning when i get up i wake up two hours early and get ready to begin school again, getting dressed, and layering on the makeup. I walk downstairs and head outside and start the twenty minute walk, just getting there on time, I go to the office and get my stuff and head to my first class, World History.
When I get to the class and I walk in everyone else is already seated, they stare at me as I head to the only open seat in the class, next to a pretty cute looking guy.
I silently sit down and stare at the front as the teacher walks in, my jaw drops, it’s Loki.
He looks over the classroom and smiles when he sees me.
“Class, we have a new student, please come up here and introduce yourself, I’m Professor Colde” he says, I sigh and walk to the front and glare at the whispering and annoying preps.
“I’m Andreona Potts and it’s my first day here at Lukrewood High” I say.
“Could you tell us a bit about you Miss Potts?” A guy asks, with a playful smirk.
“My favorite colors are green and black and I’m a heartless creature, can I be done now?” I ask, slightly agitated, I see the guy who I have to sit next to whisper something to his friends.
I go and sit down when Loki nods.
“Hey” the cute guy says, “I’m Winter, also known as Artemis” I nod, he points at the others and says their names, I nod and smile at them all, I might just like this school with people like this.
“Miss Potts, would you care to answer this question?” he asks, I shake my head.
“I’m good Professor, I’m listening, I need to catch up a bit” I say, the popular group snickers, I flip them the finger. I notice Loki, I mean Professor Colde is trying to hide a smile.
I listen silently the rest of the period as the group next to me I was introduced to stares at me, kinda creepy, but I honestly don’t care.
When the bell rings I go up to Professor Storme to ask a question. “I need your help to catch up”
“Of course Andromenia” he says, I shrug at his slight name change, I notice the odd group still sitting and staring at me. I turn back to him.
“We also... Need to talk, about what happened the other day, SHIELD doesn’t trust me anymore” I whisper, he looks up at me then glances at the other group then back to me.
“After school, we can cover what you missed and you can tell me how far you’ve learned already” he says, I nod and walk out silently, soon I’m shoved against some lockers by some preppy looking girls.
“So you’re the new girl, it’s Andre right? What a guys name...” the leader purrs, I roll my eyes.
“It’s Andreona dumbass” I say, the girls behind her in a pyramid formation’s eyes widen.
“Excuse me?” she gasps, I smirk, she slaps me, hard, my head hits the lockers.
“I’m Ramona, welcome to the school freak... Learn your damned place while you're here” she hisses, then they all walk off, I sigh and rub my cheek, glaring at them swaying all their hips in rhythm down the hall. The day doesn’t go much better than that.

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