Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chapter 2

When I awake I'm back in the white room, strapped down on the metal table, the man walks in.
"what's... Your name?" I choke out, he looks at me and smiles, walking forward, cupping my cheek.
"I'm Loki" he says, I stare at him wide eyed and he laughs.
"Not the god, I just have the same name, I am of Earthly origin" he says, I slowly nod. He starts with the injections again, this time I just cry at the pain, he leans down and kisses my head.
"I'm sorry butterfly..." He whispers, I stop crying.  Only one person has ever called me that, I look him in the eye and his widen, he knows I remember him.
A man walks in, shorter and unattractive to say the least.
"So this is the pitiful girl" he says questioning with an accent.
"Now now Aaron" Loki says.
"I may not be the smartest of the Starks, or as strong as any of the Avengers but I'm not unimportant and I'm not pitiful ." I growl, Loki smirks.
"You are only a pet, and a pitiful one at that girl" he says, I frown as he leans forward and undoes the metal restraints.
I deck him in the nose, "call me that once more and I will make you more pitiful than you already are, so I suggest you shut your punk ass up" I hiss, then I look to Loki for instructions, he grins at me, pleased.
"Follow me Andreona" he says, I follow silently until we come upon a training room with all kinds of toys. ~
Over a few weeks i test and train in this room with Loki as my guide, some experiments over the way. One day we're having lunch and he gives me a plan.
"I leaving tomorrow, the avengers will have found evidence to where you are, I will leave Aaron here and he will do your experiment, though I'm hoping the avengers find him first and you can go home, I'll contact you later, but when he's in SHIELD custody, KILL HIM" he orders, I nod and he leaves that night.
The next afternoon I'm strapped down on the metal table and he's coming towards me with a needle, I start to sweat, then the wall is broken next to me and who I see is Loki of Asgard along with the Avengers, Aaron glares at me.

" You set me up you bitch, you will pay" he growls to me so only we can hear, Clint grabs him and handcuffs him, Natasha comes over and sets me free, I grab her shirt and start to cry, clinging to her. Eventually I hug all the Avengers, then we head to SHIELD's Helicarrier.

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