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Chapter 4

When we get to the tower, me and the avengers, who now apparently include Loki who was controlled by the Chitauri for the whole invasion thing, I run up to my bedroom and lock the door, muting JARVIS and taking out my K.I.T. I’m just in that mood, I made it seven years ago. I go in the bathroom after grabbing some clothes and three hours later I walk back into my room looking different and ready for bed.
The next morning when i get up i wake up two hours early and get ready to begin school again, getting dressed, and layering on the makeup. I walk downstairs and head outside and start the twenty minute walk, just getting there on time, I go to the office and get my stuff and head to my first class, World History.
When I get to the class and I walk in everyone else is already seated, they stare at me as I head to the only open seat in the class, next to a pretty cute looking guy.
I silently sit down and stare at the front as the teacher walks in, my jaw drops, it’s Loki.
He looks over the classroom and smiles when he sees me.
“Class, we have a new student, please come up here and introduce yourself, I’m Professor Colde” he says, I sigh and walk to the front and glare at the whispering and annoying preps.
“I’m Andreona Potts and it’s my first day here at Lukrewood High” I say.
“Could you tell us a bit about you Miss Potts?” A guy asks, with a playful smirk.
“My favorite colors are green and black and I’m a heartless creature, can I be done now?” I ask, slightly agitated, I see the guy who I have to sit next to whisper something to his friends.
I go and sit down when Loki nods.
“Hey” the cute guy says, “I’m Winter, also known as Artemis” I nod, he points at the others and says their names, I nod and smile at them all, I might just like this school with people like this.
“Miss Potts, would you care to answer this question?” he asks, I shake my head.
“I’m good Professor, I’m listening, I need to catch up a bit” I say, the popular group snickers, I flip them the finger. I notice Loki, I mean Professor Colde is trying to hide a smile.
I listen silently the rest of the period as the group next to me I was introduced to stares at me, kinda creepy, but I honestly don’t care.
When the bell rings I go up to Professor Storme to ask a question. “I need your help to catch up”
“Of course Andromenia” he says, I shrug at his slight name change, I notice the odd group still sitting and staring at me. I turn back to him.
“We also... Need to talk, about what happened the other day, SHIELD doesn’t trust me anymore” I whisper, he looks up at me then glances at the other group then back to me.
“After school, we can cover what you missed and you can tell me how far you’ve learned already” he says, I nod and walk out silently, soon I’m shoved against some lockers by some preppy looking girls.
“So you’re the new girl, it’s Andre right? What a guys name...” the leader purrs, I roll my eyes.
“It’s Andreona dumbass” I say, the girls behind her in a pyramid formation’s eyes widen.
“Excuse me?” she gasps, I smirk, she slaps me, hard, my head hits the lockers.
“I’m Ramona, welcome to the school freak... Learn your damned place while you're here” she hisses, then they all walk off, I sigh and rub my cheek, glaring at them swaying all their hips in rhythm down the hall. The day doesn’t go much better than that.

Chapter 3 Image

Chapter 3

Once Bruce checks me out and clears me, I get dressed in an outfit my dad brought me, then we head to the meeting room where he over Avengers and Fury are to discuss what happened.
"What happened ?" Fury asks, I look to the table and sigh, feeling all their gazes on me.
"The first week was hell," I start, "two of the thugs their where to watch me for a certain amount of time each day while I ate, then afterwards one would go outside and watch while the other would... Um, touch me and then they'd switch when the other was done, after that they'd go on their way. When Aaron first saw me the next week he was surprised but not at all caring, he called me pitiful and weak. Laughed even. He said that I'd get water once a day for a week and then the experimentation would begin, that's when you got me" I said. They all looked sickened. "The night before... Before you found me he decided to have his way with me like the other two" I whisper to see if they’ll kill them for me. Fury sighs.
"We have this Aaron in an interrogation room and he won't talk to us, he said he'd only like to talk with you first and then he might talk to us" Fury says.
"No" my dad, Tony, says.
"I'll do it" I say, they all look at me. "But I want a gun on me just in case... He mentioned plans before... I can get him to be willing to talk, as long as you don't come in unless I say so" I say, it stays silent for a moment.
"Done." Fury says, I nod.
A few minutes later they're all behind the one way glass and I'm walking into the room.
"Hello Aaron" I say with a kind and welcoming voice, he stands up with anger written on his face.
"YOU BITCH!!! YOU BOTH SET ME UP!!!" He screams, I simply smile and sit across from him at the table.
"Calm down Aaron and take a seat" I say in a calm and kind voice, he looks like he wants to yell some more but he sits.
"I did nothing of the sort, why would an innocent girl like me strapped to a table somehow set you up an escape?" I ask innocently, he glared.
"You call yourself a Stark? You can't even keep up with your dad's formulas and equations, you say you're worth something? That our important? You'd die in a fight with Bruce banner when he's calm. Your a weak and pitiful human being" he growls, I set my mouth in a firm line.
"Yes, I am weak and pitiful aren't I? I have free range of the world and you're what? Stuck in here? A SHIELD interrogation room?" I ask with a smirk, he growls wordlessly. "What are your special plans Aaron, what was your plan to do with me when you were done?" I ask, he grins and leans forward.
"To turn you into our special super soldier, you would help us take over the world, starting with the Avengers and SHIELD" he spits, I lean back in my chair and frown.
"I thought you said I couldn't take Banner on in a fight when he wasn't Hulking out" I question, he laughs humorlessly.
"You and I both know that ain't true anymore now Stark" he says, I scowl. "He got you to lie to them didn't he? To pretend that that was your first time on that table. That you never saw that training room" he says, I look at him as if I was confused.
"Who are you talking about?" I ask, he stands up pissed.
"LOKI YOU DUMB LYING BITCH!!!" He screams, I laugh, but then stop when he puts a blade to my neck that was hidden on him.
"And you’re going to DIE for lying" he says calmly, i grin and pull out the gun pointing it between his eyes.
"put down the fucking blade Aaron" I growl, his smile falls right off his face.
"Yes, I am" I say calmly, I. Walk around the table aiming the gun at his head he steps back and when he's against the wall I press the barrel against his face.
"You had your friends rape me, you fucking raped me you ass, and now you’re going to pay for it" I growl, I feel a sharp pain in my stomach, I pull the trigger.
When the Avengers and Fury walk in I drop the gun, step back, and hold up my hands, the blade in his hand wiped clean of my blood.
"Why the hell did you shoot him?" Fury demands, the Avengers looked shocked.
"It was self defense Fury he was going to kill me" I say with a mockful pout, then a smirk, " he held a blade against my neck and raped me and had me raped. I'm a Stark and you can't do shit to me"
"Who was he talking about, this other Loki?" Fury asks, I shrug and look at the blood and brain bits splattered on the wall.
"I don't know, I want to go home and rest" I say, he sighs and the Avengers look at him.

"Go, he threatened you with a blade, it was self defense" he says, I smile and walk out of the room. "But if I find out you lied, you're in big trouble"

Chapter 2

When I awake I'm back in the white room, strapped down on the metal table, the man walks in.
"what's... Your name?" I choke out, he looks at me and smiles, walking forward, cupping my cheek.
"I'm Loki" he says, I stare at him wide eyed and he laughs.
"Not the god, I just have the same name, I am of Earthly origin" he says, I slowly nod. He starts with the injections again, this time I just cry at the pain, he leans down and kisses my head.
"I'm sorry butterfly..." He whispers, I stop crying.  Only one person has ever called me that, I look him in the eye and his widen, he knows I remember him.
A man walks in, shorter and unattractive to say the least.
"So this is the pitiful girl" he says questioning with an accent.
"Now now Aaron" Loki says.
"I may not be the smartest of the Starks, or as strong as any of the Avengers but I'm not unimportant and I'm not pitiful ." I growl, Loki smirks.
"You are only a pet, and a pitiful one at that girl" he says, I frown as he leans forward and undoes the metal restraints.
I deck him in the nose, "call me that once more and I will make you more pitiful than you already are, so I suggest you shut your punk ass up" I hiss, then I look to Loki for instructions, he grins at me, pleased.
"Follow me Andreona" he says, I follow silently until we come upon a training room with all kinds of toys. ~
Over a few weeks i test and train in this room with Loki as my guide, some experiments over the way. One day we're having lunch and he gives me a plan.
"I leaving tomorrow, the avengers will have found evidence to where you are, I will leave Aaron here and he will do your experiment, though I'm hoping the avengers find him first and you can go home, I'll contact you later, but when he's in SHIELD custody, KILL HIM" he orders, I nod and he leaves that night.
The next afternoon I'm strapped down on the metal table and he's coming towards me with a needle, I start to sweat, then the wall is broken next to me and who I see is Loki of Asgard along with the Avengers, Aaron glares at me.

" You set me up you bitch, you will pay" he growls to me so only we can hear, Clint grabs him and handcuffs him, Natasha comes over and sets me free, I grab her shirt and start to cry, clinging to her. Eventually I hug all the Avengers, then we head to SHIELD's Helicarrier.

Chapter 1

I wake up in a room full of white and looks normal, except that I'm strapped down on a cold metal table completely naked. -What the actual fuck is wrong with people these days? Leaving me locked up in a room naked, a Stark?-
A door opens and a nice looking woman comes in bringing in a rolling metal table with trays of tools on it, files and syringes and scalpels. -Oh my god they are going to cut me open- I think.
"Hello Miss Stark" an attractive man says walking in as the lady walks out, he has dark brown long hair and dark green eyes, with a narrow chin and strong build.
"Who are you?" I ask, not even bothering to sound mean or rude, I'm scared but curious.
"I'm a... Scientist you could say, and you are my perfect specimen. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt you, but if you do not cooperate then I will have to punish you" he says, I nod and he grins.
"Good, I'm glad you understand, you know why I took you when I did right?" He asks, I think for a moment and nod. "I took you because you we're heading to school and that have me time to get you out of New York, in fact, they probably just realized that you're missing" he says.
"I would say that's horrible but when I escape or they find me, because that will inevitably happen, I want the experiments to be done and my dad to never know, it’s jusst easier that way to be honest" I say, he grins and walks over next to me and his gaze goes over my body.
"If all goes to plan, what your dad and the avengers think and know won’t matter" he says, he turns and grabs a syringe and plunges it into my body, injecting the whole thing into me. He does the same with the rest of hem and at that point I'm screaming, he looks at me with conflicted eyes, sad and excited.
~rape in next section, just a warning~
i wake up a while later and look up to see two big and dangerous looking men come in, I see them unrestrained me and they both pick my up by the arms, wrap them around their necks and take me to a new room. One of them steps outside the door an closes it. The man still in the room puts me on the bed, he starts to unbuckle his pants and I whimper.
"Please" I beg, he smiles at me. I would fight but from all the experimentation done to me so far I can't move, I'm physically exhausted.
He gets on top of me and he's wearing nothing. He rearranges himself an then shoves himself into me, I groan in pain and in the feeling of something good, I didn't want this to happen, but I can't stop it and it feels good in a way. He pulls back out of me and I sigh in relief, but then he shoves back in harder an deeper and I feel tears rolling down my face as he grabs my wrists and holds me down, he continues thrusting in and out of me and I'm sobbing, then I feel it, the feeling of a seventeen year old girl losing her virginity and probably becoming pregnant.
He pulls out and puts his clothes back on and leaves, the other man comes in as the other one looks out. He take of his pants and underwear and gets on me, he forces his lips onto mine and bites my lip, he then starts squeezing my breasts and shoving his tongue in my mouth. I feel him slowly invade me inch by painful inch, he's bigger than the other guy, painful. He goes through the same motions of his friend but while at the same time, biting me on the neck or kissing me or biting my nipples. He eventually releases his load and gets dressed and leaves. Then I'm alone.
A few minutes later I see the first man, the attractive one walk in, he looks over me and frowns when he sees the bite marks and the dried bodily fluids on my lower half.
"They didn't have permission to touch you like that, to hurt you like that..." He fumes, I look at him weakly, he brushes his hand down my cheek and leans down so his face is inches away for mine, staring into my eyes.
"You're mine, and when we're done with the experiments, love, you'll be greatly rewarded" he says. Then he turns and leaves.

I eventually fall into a sleep filled with nightmares.